Surprise Combat!

I have to admit, I am really wishing that this could be another 5 day weekend! I could definitely use a few extra days to get some stuff done. You know, like catch up on season 2 of Scandal that I’ve been obsessively trying to watch in any extra moment that I have.

Anyone else watch Scandal? Because if not, you totally should. It’s amazing.

Anyway, here we are, back at another Monday. I’m trying to be enthusiastic about it, because what I’d really like to do is go back to bed. But alas… there is no (new) snow on the ground so I’m stuck going in to work. Not that I’m really complaining though, because I’m just thankful to HAVE a job. But still. Bed. Warm. Comfy.

Instead of focusing on the fact that it’s a freezing cold Monday, let’s look back at my super busy and super fun weekend instead, cool?


Friday was a typical work day (minus the fact that my office was like 35 degrees – who does that??), until we got to the end of the way. We had a work event we had to come back for that night, so I made a quick run to Chili’s to pick up some food for one of my co-workers and I. We were a little limited on our options given our time constraints, so Chili’s seemed like the best option.


I ended up getting their “Southwest pairing”, with a chicken taco, a chicken tostada, and an enchilada. My enchilada was supposed to be cheese, but somehow I ended up with beef so I saved it for Chris to eat later. Which was fine, because between the taco and the tostada (and the fact that I ate it in like 2 minutes flat), I was plenty full!

I couldn’t really take pictures of my work event for confidentiality reasons, but I will say that it involved some of this:


Yup, we went bowling! Gotta love those insanely tacky shoes! The event itself ended up being great, even if my bowling game was pretty horrendous!

By the time I got home I was pretty exhausted and basically collapsed on the couch to watch some TV with Chris before calling it a night. Super exciting Friday night here, people!


Saturday actually ended up being pretty busy for me! I woke up super early (yes, 7:30am IS super early for a Saturday!!) so I could make it to an 8am yoga class at a studio near my house. It was a totally new-to-me teacher who had a very different style than I’m used to, but overall I definitely enjoyed the 90 minute class.

Other than the man who decided to wear a swishy sweatsuit to yoga. Not the best choice, dude. We’d be standing their concentrating on breathing, and all you could hear was “swishswishswishswishswish” as he adjusted into the position. Fail.

Post-yoga, I got a quick haircut (and looked like a weirdo walking around outside in my tank top in the middle of winter…) and made a quick Target run before I picked up Maddie our foster dog for an adoption event.

Which basically meant I spent 3 hours at Petsmart petting puppies. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. Hopefully we’ll be able to get Maddie adopted into a loving family soon!

After we got home (and Maddie proceeded to pass out of the floor from exhaustion – being cute is apparently hard work), I spent some time working on a craft projecting before getting ready for our exciting evening plans!

First up, happy hour with our bible study friends at Capital Ale House!


Some of the ladies from bible study!

Next up was dinner with the lovely Lindsay from Typically Late and her hubby, C at The Bavarian Chef (see our previous trips here and here!). We all started off the night with giant beers – When in Germany a German restaurant, right?


First up was the winter salat – which was lettuce, topped with tomatoes, blueberries, parsnips, and some kind of vinaigrette dressing (sadly they don’t have the description anywhere for me to look it up!) I actually LOVED the parsnips in this salad! I don’t think I’ve ever had them plain before!


Main Course was the Huhner Rouladen – Tender capon (chicken) fillet rolled around cranberry cornbread stuffing, set into rosemary cream sauce. It may not seem like a lot, but you also get endless sides with it, so I only managed to make it through 1 chicken + 1 bite. I had to save room for dessert, duh!


Dessert was the super awkwardly named “nutball” (seriously, who does that?) Bavarian Nutball  – Vanilla Ice Cream rolled in toasted nuts and coconut, set into chocolate sauce. It was delicious, even if the name was terrible.


We ended up hanging out for a total of about 3 hours chatting about life, football, and the facts that the Washington Capitals actually won a game tonight. It was a great time! I love when blog friends become real life friends! I left sufficiently full, and a little bit tipsy.


This Sunday was a little different than our usual Sunday plans, because Chris spent nearly the whole day in a training. So I was on my own for most of it!

First up was church, because the bell choir I play with was playing the morning service. I’m so used to going to a 6pm service now, it feels kind of weird to get up early for church!

Next on the agenda was BodyPump with my friend Jax! For anyone who saw my last post about this new release where I said I wasn’t a huge fan, I have to make a correction and say that it’s starting to grow on me a little bit. I upped my shoulder weights a little today, which definitely kicked my butt!


I was originally only planning on doing BodyPump and maybe a little cardio, but when Pump was over our teacher mentioned that BodyCombat was up next. And somehow Jax managed to convince me to stay. Yikes! Surprise Combat! My poor shoulders are hurrrrrrting today!


But we did burn some seriously calories though! (I actually forgot to turn my watch on until 2 tracks in to BodyPump, so it’s not 100% accurate, but you get the general idea. It kicked our butts!)

Post-workout, I made a quick run to Wegmans (HA! is that even possible? Quick at Wegmans means like 45 minutes as opposed to 2 hours) before coming home and spending some time deep cleaning the house, which was desperately needed. All of this snow and salt as done a number on our floors, so I spent lots of time scrubbing today! But they look way better, and my shoulders got another workout!

Chris got out of his training at 7, so we met up with my in-laws for dinner at Bonefish. I almost always get the same thing at Bonefish (the Ahi Tuna), but sadly the ran out of tuna 30 minutes before we got there so I had to change it up a bit. But it forced me to step outside my box, so that was probably a good thing. Instead I ended up with the “Kate’s Haddock”, which was Haddock that was breaded and grilled, topped with goat cheese, artichokes and lemon butter sauce. Served with veggies and a garbonzo bean and tomato mixture. Super delicious if you’re a fan of goat cheese and artichokes!


By the time we got home for dinner it was basically bedtime. Definitely a chill Sunday night for us!

Phew, part of me is glad that this busy weekend is over, but the other part of me is definitely wishing I had another day to get more stuff done! Some more snow would be nice about now, mother nature!

On to another week!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Any exciting workouts or meals? Do you workout with friends, or by yourself?

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  1. Kerry L January 27, 2014 at 8:45 am Reply

    All that food looks amazing, especially the Bavarian Nutball yum!! It looks like you had such a fun weekend!
    Kerry L recently posted…Smile MoreMy Profile

    • MyFreckledLife January 28, 2014 at 6:52 am Reply

      Thank you!! And it was definitely delicious – and SUPER filling!

  2. Samantha @ Anatomy of My World January 27, 2014 at 2:07 pm Reply

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Mine was boring and uneventful. I’ve been getting back in to lifting lately and I am loving it! I also have a friend that is running a half the same day so we are training together… not sure I’m loving it yet though. I kinda of like the solitude and peacefulness of working out solol
    Samantha @ Anatomy of My World recently posted…A Day In The LifeMy Profile

    • MyFreckledLife January 28, 2014 at 6:53 am Reply

      See, I feel like I’m the opposite. I’ve trained for ALL of my races longer than a 5K with my husband, so I’ve almost forgotten when it’s like to run alone! But I do prefer weight lifting by myself! I like to get in the zone! haha

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