A-Z Survey

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, life is currently a little bit insane in the Freckled household. We are now at T-5 days until the big Georgia move, and I swear to you that life is getting crazier by the day! There are just so many things to get done, and of course the Little Man doesn’t always make things easy.

Yesterday, for example, he ended up having one of those days where he literally did not let me put him down all day without screaming bloody murder. Normally he is a really chill baby, but I think he was having some tummy troubles yesterday and instead just wanted to be held.

Which basically meant that I watched a lot of Project Runway on the couch.

And as much as I enjoyed that, it really didn’t help me get anything done during the day! So I’m crossing my fingers that today is mildly more productive.

A-Z Survey

Since this week is crazy, I thought I’d do something a little bit more casual and fun today! If you’re a big blog reader, you may have seen the A-Z survey floating around the interwebs these last few weeks, and I am a total sucker for surveys. Not only do I think they are a really fun way to get to know other bloggers, but they also kind of make me feel like I’m back in middle school. In a good way.

I even thought I’d make it a little bit MORE fun, and do a vlog instead! Oooooooh… exciting!

It’s something I’ve never actually done before on My Freckled Life, but I love seeing them on other blogs, so I hope that you guys enjoy it too. And you can see just how awkward I am in real life!

I do apologize in advance for the quality of the video. I was doing it during nap time (or “nap time” since they are usually only about 20minutes) and I was afraid that if I tried to test out the lighting in too many areas that I’d lose my window of opportunity. So you get slightly dark Stephanie!

Hope you enjoy!


Just a few notes:

* We’re actually coming up on our THREE year anniversary, not four. Apparently I can’t count.

* I say “yea” “uh” and “so” a lot, apparently. Whoops!


I hope you enjoyed today’s survey! Now it’s your turn to share some of your answers!

So tell me: What is your grossest memory? What are your favorite foods? What question are you always asked? Or feel free to answer any other question from the survey!

Oh hey there!

Oh hey there, remember me? I used to do this crazy thing called blogging. I know, I hardly remember either!

So yeaaaaaa, obviously I’ve been gone for a week. Whoops! That was totally not intentional!

But the reality is, life has gotten C-RAZY. around here! Like “pass-me-all-the-starbucks-because-I-forgot-what-sleep-feels-like-things-are-so-busy” crazy. All of a sudden early last week everything started falling into place and all those little duckies started to line themselves up in neat little row. And now we officially only less than 6 days left here in Virginia. AHHHHH!!!!

Which basically means in the next 6 days we need to:

  • See everyone that we want/need to see before we leave

  • Eat at all of our favorite restaurants here in Fredericksburg

  • Get our stuff organized and have our house packed

  • Set up all of our utilities and necessities at the new place in Georgia

  • Craigslist a whole bunch of stuff

  • Go through all the crap we’ve been hoarding and get rid of stuff (since we’re going down to an apartment that’s like half the size of our current house)

  • Finish up all the house sale stuff (appraisal, closing, etc)

And that’s just what I could think of off the top of my head! Phew! Oh, and of course, take care of a newborn who wants to eat every 2 hours!

Needless-to-say, this week is going to be equally as crazy as last week. But luckily I have a few posts ready for you guys this week so I wont go totally ghost again, I promise. But please bare with me as we get through these next 2 weeks of moving – I’ll be lucky if I can FIND my computer in all of our packing!

Ok, since I’ve totally disappeared for the last week, I should probably catch you up a little bit! Here is a little glimpse of my week:


Colton got baptized! We wanted to make sure to do it before our left, because our pastor here is also one of the pastor’s who married us!


We made plenty of “clean out the fridge/freezer meals” and ate some delicious food at our favorite local restaurants.


Lots and lots of quality snuggle time!


Colton Baptism 026

2015-07-19 10.43.40

Plenty of time with friends and family to say our goodbyes. Or “see you laters”, which I much prefer. No goodbyes here!

Overall, it was a crazy week, and I have a feeling this week is going to be even more insane! So wish me luck!

So tell me: Give me one good thing from your past week! Can you sum up your week in one word?

Feeling Overwhelmed with Postpartum Fitness

So, remember when I said yesterday that I was in a great mood because our house was going under contract? Yea, well today I’m in a bad mood, because our house DIDN’T go under contract. The potential buyers we were working with ended up being super sketchy and despite verbally accepting everything, decided to throw back a lowball counter right at the end, which we were not having.

So now we’re back to square one. Ugh.

To say I’m frustrated and discouraged is an understatement. Here we are, supposed to be moving to Georgia in 2 weeks, and it feels like we have so many things still up in the air that it is kind of terrifying for a planner like me. I could really use some prayers/good vibes/finger crossing over here, so please send them my way!

Feeling Overwhelmed with Postpartum Fitness

When I found out that I was pregnant, I made it a goal to be as active as possible during my pregnancy. All the studies out there showed that working out while pregnant not only has benefits for baby, but also for mom. It can make her labor easier, her recovery better, and can help her bounce back faster afterwards. So I embraced it, and did my best to get in a workout at least 4+ days a week all the way up until the last week of my pregnancy.


Then I had a baby, and just assumed that once I got the go-ahead from my doctor, I’d be ready to jump back in to exercise. And you know what, I am! In fact, I’ve been chomping at the bit since about week two!

However, I’m having a little bit of difficulty figuring out how to start.

You see, I’m kind of a “All in, balls-to-the-wall, 110%” kind of person. I am super competitive, even with myself, and I have a very difficult time easing into things. Which makes it really difficult to figure out the best way to slowly get back into working out. Even though I was active for 9 months, it was still “pregnancy”workouts. Which means that near the end, my main cardio came from walking, the elliptical, and some spinning, and my weight lifting had to be dialed back. And ab workouts were pretty much completely nonexistent!

Here is where I am running into a mental block: On the one hand, I KNOW that I should be easing into things and building my strength and stamina (and ab muscles) back up. On the other hand, I am such a plan person and just want to dive headfirst into working out, but I’m afraid that if I do I’ll end up injuring myself and being out even longer.

So… yea. I’m in a weird place fitness-wise right now. It’s like I’m so anxious to get back in the gym, yet when I walk through the gym doors I’m totally at a loss as to what to do. And I’m not quite sure how to get over this hump!

Right now, I am not really sure how to get back on track. I will definitely keep you guys updated as I try and figure out a plan, but I would love to hear any thoughts or tips that you all might have, because I’m a bit at a loss! I know there are a lot of other new mamas out there, so I’d love to hear from you guys on how you managed to get ease yourself back into the gym.

So tell me: Any tips or tricks on how to get back into postpartum fitness without risking injury?


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WIAW: “Random but delicious” Edition

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I am in quite the chipper mood this morning, despite not getting the greatest night of sleep. You know why? Because our house may officially be under contract again! We’ve signed the documents, and are just waiting on the final signatures from the buyers, and then we’ll be back in the game again! Phew! It’s such a relief! I was really starting to worry we’d be moving down to Atlanta with our house still up on the market. Which would not only be super inconvenient, but would also suck to have to pay a mortgage AND a rent!

So cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly today!

Since I’m feeling cheerful, let’s just jump right into something else that makes me happy: What I Ate Wednesday! I love reading these posts, and I’m so glad I’m finally able to participate again!

If you are not familiar with WIAW, head on over to Jenn’s blog to not only see what other bloggers are eating, but also to read about the WIAW phenomenon!



I am still riding the oatmeal train pretty hard! I picked up some blackberries and strawberries from Aldi earlier this week, and they are the perfect breakfast topper! Super sweet and juicy!



Operation: Clean out the fridge is still in full effect, so today’s lunch was full of random leftovers. I had a black bean burger and cheese on an english muffin (because we have no buns currently), and some roasted zucchini and cauliflower. Random, but delicious!


A few hours later I found my stomach growling, so I grabbed a piece of toast topped with peanut butter. Simple!



We ended up getting a Blue Apron meal gifted to us, so we decided to take advantage this week. Blue Apron now has a new “family style” option, which we felt was perfect for us because it made plenty of leftovers. And boy do we love our leftovers around here! This meal was a dijon crispy pork chop, with a lemon garlic zucchini and squash “slaw” and roasted potatoes. It made quite a mess in my kitchen, but it was worth it!


My sweet tooth has been a bit out of control lately, so I’ve been trying to reign it in. I did end up giving in last night though and having a small bowl of dessert. I have already decided that once this ice cream is gone, I am NOT buying more! It’s my weakness!


That’s right, this girl actually got a workout in! Wooooo! TECHNICALLY, I still haven’t been cleared to return to exercise, but that’s only because my OB/GYN office is busy and they couldn’t get my in for my 6-week postpartum appointment until 7 weeks. Since I am already 6 weeks postpartum and feeling great, I decided to ease back into workouts this week even without the OBs go-ahead.

First, I took Colton and Laney on our typical daily 40 minute walk. We had a rough morning so we didn’t end up going until the afternoon and boy did I regret it. It was HOT!

After Chris got home (and took the baby for some manly snuggle time), I headed downstairs for my first “real” workout since having a baby. I took it pretty easy and did an 8 minute HIIT circuit, followed by some arms and abs. Oof are my abs out of shape! I felt that immediately!


I hope you all have a great Wednesday! I’m off to Mom & Baby group! (Also, can I just say that I managed to make it through an entire post with a baby picture. Pretty sure that’s a record for me lately!)

So tell me: What did you eat today? What did your workouts look like?

Foodie Friends and Jazz Hands {Weekend Recap}


Head over to Freckles & Fingerpaint to check out Colton’s 1 month recap and see how we’re doing with the whole “new parent” thing!


Well hello there!

Coming at you a bit late today because it has been one wonky morning! We got home SUPER late last night (more on that in a minute), which meant that Colton’s schedule was a bit off. So instead of going back to bed after his 6am feeding, he decided it was wake-up time! Add to that the fact that we had someone coming to tour our house at 9am, our morning was all kind of thrown off!

But I’m here, and attempting to get my Monday back on track. Which means that we might as well just dive right into my weekend recap!


We started out our Saturday quite lazily, after this little man decided to get us up pretty early. Also, I totally need these PJs in my size. How cute are they?


Even Laney had a slow start to the day!


Eventually we got our act together though, because we had an exciting day planned! Our good friends Amber and Erik were coming into town to see us!

Ok, they were really just here to see Colton, let’s be real. But I’ll take it.

Not long after they got here, we headed out with them to lunch at Spencer Devon Brewery (the same place we went for Father’s Day Brunch). I ended up getting the pimento cheese sandwich, which was pimento cheese, tomatoes and cucumber, sandwiched (Ha!) between two grilled cheeses. So basically, it was SUPER cheesy and delicious!


We also decided to splurge and split the chocolate chip peanut butter banana bread pudding, which was topped with vanilla ice cream and a milk stout caramel. Holy cow, this was SO decadent and amazing! Thank goodness we were splitting it 4 ways, otherwise I could have easily gone face first into it myself!


Once we got home from lunch, we spent a good chunk of the afternoon just hanging out and catching up before the second exciting thing of the day: A fish fry! We invited a couple of our other friends over and the boys fried hush puppies, onion rings, flounder and shrimp, while the ladies (and Colton) hung out and played “pass the baby”.

Of course I completely failed to take ANY pictures. So just picture a table full of fried deliciousness and some veggies and watermelon to balance it out. It was epic.


The best part of having fun, foodie friends? When you invite them to spend the weekend, they make you breakfast!


And not just any breakfast – the ultimate breakfast sandwich! It included homemade pork sausage, a chive omelet, and a sweet and spicy Tabasco sauce. Holy yum! 

Once we said goodbye to our friends, we did our best to get in some quality relaxing before it we headed out for our first (and probably only) date night before we move to Atlanta. Not only was it great for us to get out of the house, but it also was nice for my mother-in-law to hang out with Colton for the evening! Even if about 90% of our conversations throughout the evening revolved around our baby. #firsttimeparents

After getting all dolled up, we drove up to DC. First up: dinner at Restaurante Murali in Pentagon Row. It was an early dinner, so we were pretty much the only people in the place!


I ended up going with the pumpkin ravioli in a sage white wine sauce. It was so tasty, and I completely demolished this plate!

Since we got through our food so fast, we walked around for a bit before stopping for froyo and enjoying the beautiful weather.


Then we headed out to our real date night destination!


The Kennedy Center to see The Book of Mormon!


I always love going to the Kennedy Center. It’s just so grand and beautiful!


The show itself was absolutely amazing. We’ve heard the music before (which is hilarious in itself), but it was the first time we’ve seen it on stage. We seriously laughed through the entire thing! If you have never heard of it, it’s a musical written by the creators of South Park about Mormons. It’s definitely full of profanity and making fun of just about everyone, but it really is hilarious.

The only downside? We didn’t get home until around 11:15pm, but I still had to give Colton a dream feed and pumping (because I’d been out all evening, and any fellow breastfeeding mamas can understand the uncomfortableness of going all day without feeding!). So I didn’t get into bed until about 1am. And then Colton decided to wake up for the day at 6am. Yeesh! Gimme coffee!

Despite the lack of sleep, this has been such a great weekend. It’s hard to believe that we’re moving in just a few short weeks, so we’re trying to cram in as many goodbyes as we can before we go. We’ve made such great friends here!

Well now I’m off to try and get us back on a normal schedule for the day! Wish me luck!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Are you a musical fan?

Body After Baby: 1 Month

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday ended up being a super busy day for Colton and I. We headed up to my old office to meet all my coworkers, and ended up being there for almost the entire day! Thankfully Colton was a champ and didn’t mind being passed around, but it definitely was a longer trip than I’d originally planned!

Of course on the way home we got stuck in traffic, and literally as I pulled into my driveway someone texted asking to walk through our house. Bah! #housesellingproblems

Once again I am so thankful that Colton is such a good baby. We definitely got lucky!

Body After Baby

Technically I’m a week late on this, but I did want to share my first month of postpartum progress. I went back and forth over how I wanted to share my “body after baby” story, because I know they can be super controversial.

In the end I decided to go with what I’ve found so helpful and reassuring from other people – a focus on my feelings regarding the physical, mental, eating and exercise progress that I’m making. While I am by no means focused on weight loss right now, that is certainly a part of this whole process so I want to make sure to include information about that as well.

I hope that others will find this helpful too!


I’m not going to lie, the postpartum recovery process came as a bit of a surprise to me. I don’t know if I just never really read much about it before, but I honestly just kind of assumed that once you get through labor and delivery, you’re done. Well, I was wrong!

Recovery hasn’t been too rough, but it did take its toll on me in the first week or two. I was still tiring really easily, and was having a lot of… digestive issues. Thankfully after about 2 weeks, I was feeling almost completely back to normal. Unfortunately I’m still having some digestive problems, but otherwise I feel like I did before I was pregnant!

In terms of my body, it is kind of amazing how different it looks already after only 1 month!

Body After Baby

During my pregnancy I gained about 30 lbs. 1 month in, I’m down about 18-20lbs.

Even though I only have about 10-12lbs to go, my body is definitely still very… err… fluffy. Everything just seems a lot softer. Oh to remember those days when you could actually tell that there was muscle under there! Definitely makes me ready to get back into the gym!!

Probably doesn’t help that I’ve also gained a significant amount in the chest region. Thank you pregnancy and breastfeeding. That’s definitely thrown off my proportions!

1 month postpartum comparison


Mentally and emotionally I’m doing awesome. I’ve had a few random tears here and there (especially in the first 2 weeks, as soon as I got overly tired I was prone to crying), but for the most part that’s completely subsided. I was really lucky to experience very minimal baby blues!

Breastfeeding was also a bit of a mental struggle at first, because we faced some difficulties in the first few weeks (which I’m going to share more about on Freckles & Fingerpaint soon). But Chris really encouraged me to go to the Mommy & Baby group at the hospital, and once I finally got up the nerve to go I found that every single mom there was experiencing some kind of struggle or difficulty in some area. It made me feel as though I’m not alone, which was very reassuring!



So… I’m not going to lie, my eating has been all over the place. I definitely have moments of serious breastfeeding hunger, and my sweet tooth (which kind of disappeared during pregnancy) is back with a vengeance. However, my cooking mojo just hasn’t been happening, and we’ve really been relying on freezer meals or super quick options.

Now that we’re a month in, I probably need to reign the sugar cravings and excessive carbs back in and focus on filling my plate with lots of fruits, veggies and proteins. 


I still haven’t been cleared for exercise yet (my appointment will be at 7 weeks), but I’ve been trying to at least get in a walk every day if I can. During the week, Colton, Laney and I will usually go for a 30-45 minute walk. Now that I’m really feeling like everything is healed up, I may start adding in a second walk and/or some light bodyweight exercises until I get the full thumbs up from my doc to start running and lifting weights. I can’t wait!!


Overall, I am happy with how things are going. Colton is a great baby, and every day I feel like we’re learning new things about him. And it has definitely been a learning process! Nothing quite prepares you for life with a newborn, that’s for sure!

I’m excited to see how these next few months go, especially once I get cleared to exercise again!

So tell me: Anything you’d like to hear about in this post-partum journey?

WIAW: Cleaning out the fridge edition

How is it Wednesday already? I feel like this week is just flying by! I cant believe how much our time left here is dwindling down. Eek!!!

The food situation around here has also been rather interesting. With the move coming up, I’m really making an effort to clean out our fridge and freezer, since we wont be able to take any of that with us. Which means that my meals are getting more and more random! I’m definitely having to get creative!

Since it’s Wednesday, I thought I’d share with you some of my (random) eats from earlier this week, and show you what fridge cleanout meals look like in our house!

I’m linking up with Laura and Jenn for WIAW (if you’re not familiar with WIAW, head over to Jenn’s blog for more information!)



This has been my go-to breakfast as of late: rolled oats with raspberries, peanut butter, crumbled lactation cookie, cinnamon, flax seed, and raspberry jam. Keeps me full for quite some time, which is important to combat the breastfeeding hunger!


Colton was up super early on Tuesday, so I ended up eating breakfast around 7. Which meant that by 11 I was beyond starving and grabbed a pita and some hummus to tide me over until I could get to lunch (which can happen anytime between noon and 2pm these days!)



With our upcoming move, we’re in operation: clean out the fridge/freezer. Which meant that my lunches and dinners have been SUPER random! Tuesday’s was no exception: leftover roasted tomato couscous and veggie dumplings. Random, but delicious!

Snack #2


I made a run with the baby (can you spot him?) to Target to pick up a humidifier. Colton and I are both dealing with a cold, and figured that now that we have a baby, it might be time to invest in something to help with breathing issues.

While I was there, I ended up picking up a tall skim chai. Even though it was like 91+ degrees outside, I was hoping the hot drink would help my sore throat.



Once again, random but delicious. I had a leftover black bean burger, roasted garden green beans and a garden cucumber with ranch. I also ended up grabbing a piece of toast with a smear of peanut butter an hour later, because my tummy was still grumbling.

Late Night Snack

Since I ate dinner early, around 10:30pm, I ended up grabbing a small bowl of frosted mini wheats to hold me through the night feedings. I hate having to get up to grab food at 4am!


I still am not cleared for serious exercise yet, and with this head cold I’m not sure I would be up for it anyway, but I did manage to get out with Colton and Laney for a 45min walk.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the day went. I’m really trying to get in plenty of fruits and veggies throughout the day, and watch my portion sizes the best I can. Even when my meals are super random! Now if only this cold would go away!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

So tell me: What did you eat today? What did your workouts look like?

July and Mid-year Goals

One of the things that I’ve learned since having a baby is that you kind of lose any and all sense of dates and times. I realized this when I looked at the calendar the other day and it hit me that we’re not only a week into July, but we’re already more than halfway through 2015.

Umm, what? Isn’t it still March?

So even though I’m now a week late on this, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of my July goals and take a look at how I’m doing on my 2015 goals. This month is going to be a doozy, so really I’m just hoping to come out of it without pulling all my hair out!

Let’s start with those 2015 goals!

2015 Goals: Revisited

1. Get into a good meal planning and prepping routine


Yea, I’ve completely failed at this so far this year. There were maybe a few weeks where meal planning actually happening, but especially since we had Colton, I’m lucky if I even THINK about dinner before 7pm, let alone prep anything a week in advance.

This is definitely something I want to figure out how to start doing though. Once we move and I start school, we’re going to have a completely different schedule (and budget), so I think it would be really helpful for us. Any tips?

2. Find a good workout schedule during pregnancy and post-partum

I think I did a really good job with this during the second half of my pregnancy. I was consistently working out 4-5x a week, and walking as much as I could. I’m really proud of how well I did, and I really think that’s what has made a difference in my pregnancy and my recovery.


I haven’t been cleared yet to workout post-partum, but I already have a few ideas in mind about how I’m going to get back into things! I can’t wait – I’m getting pretty antsy!

3. Focus on expanding both blogs

Definitely haven’t been as good about this as I had hoped. I really want to make both blogs places where people can come for information, realistic glimpses into my life trying to balance health and a newborn, and just a fun little corner of the internet. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance blogging and life, especially considering our life is about to change drastically with the move, but hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have this figured out!


Sounds simple, but definitely difficult for this super type-A girl! But I think I’ve done a really good job of being flexible this year so far. It’s been a doozy already, but I’ve really been working to just go with the flow and have faith that life will work out like it’s supposed to.


July Goals

June was a crazy month for us with the birth of Colton and the first few weeks with a newborn, but July is about to put June to shame on the crazy front! This month we’re packing up and moving, selling our house (again…), and trying to fit in all of our goodbyes with friends before we go. We also have a lot of smaller things going on like Colton’s baptism, meetings with our financial planner in preparation for all of our life changes, softball games, and going away parties. Phew!

So given the insanity, here are a few goals that I’m hoping to accomplish this month:

1. Redo the Budget

We’re going through a lot of changes right now, including to our budget. Going down to 1 income and a grad school stipend, adding in childcare (holy $$$!), moving, living in the city… all of those things are going to mean we need to take a serious look at our budget and make sure we’re making smart financial decisions.

Being an adult is so fun sometimes, right?

2. Clean out the Fridge/Freezer

I can be a little bit of a food hoarder, especially since we got our deep freezer. But as Chris keeps reminding me, we can’t take any of that with us when we move. So we are on a mission to clean out our fridge and freezer – which means it’s time to get creative with our meals over the next month! Challenge accepted!

3. Work on Colton’s Bedtime Routine


Obviously newborns don’t really understand the word “schedule”, as we’ve learned. However, there still is something to be said about doing what you can to create some routines to help babies eventually (that’s the key word here) get into some semblance of a normal schedule, especially at bedtime.

By 8 weeks I really want to figure out a good nighttime routine that is going to work for us. I’m definitely not expecting Colton to get onto our schedule completely, but I figure that if we can figure out what works for us in the evenings, it’ll help his little body to get used to a sleeping schedule. So that includes figuring out bath time, the best sleeping location, reading books, etc.

4. Stay calm and organized!

I guess this one goes along with “Be Flexible.” All of this change and the unknown is definitely causing some stress, so I’m trying to focus on just going with the flow as we get ready to pack up our lives and move 10 hours away. Plus, mommy brain is totally a real thing, so staying organized is easier said than done these days!


Well there you have my goals for this month, and for the second half of this year. Honestly, if I can just survive this month with a happy, healthy baby and a packed house, I will consider it a success. Everything else is icing on the cake!

So tell me: What are some of your goals this month?

Let Freedom Ring {Weekend Recap}

Phew, I didn’t even do anything wild and crazy this weekend, and I STILL feel like I need a day of recovery!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend, and made the most of your extra day (if you’re American, that is). We sure did here, although definitely not in the way that we used to. This year was more about spending time with friends and family than it was about boozing it up and staying out late! Which is A-OK in my book – makes the recovery a little easier!

Since I have about 1,000 pictures to share, let’s just hop right in!


Chris was off from work on Friday for the holiday, so we decided to spend his extra day doing exciting things… like doctor’s appointments for this ONE MONTH OLD (<—ummm… how did that even happen???)


He got a clean bill of health from the doc, and was a total rockstar while getting part 2 of his HepB vaccine. We’ll have the full set of vaccines at his next appointment, so I feel like this one shot was a good prep for mommy. Thankfully he took it like a champ, and even got a Captain America bandaid. So cool.

After our appointment, we met up with my MIL for lunch before she headed out on vacation. We ended up at Basilico, one of my favorite restaurants here in Fredericksburg. I had 1/2 of a greek salad, and 1/2 of a roasted eggplant and tomato pesto sandwich (which was A-MAZ-ING). Plus some gelato to round out the meal. #necessary.


After lunch we hit the road and headed an hour south to Richmond to meet up with my SIL who is in grad school there. It was our first time seeing her new place since she moved in, and she took us on a tour of her little corner of the city. Even though Richmond is only an hour away, I actually have only ever been there a handful of times, so it was nice to get to see it before we left the area!

Per her roommate’s recommendation, we headed to The Daily for dinner, and were so happy we did. They had an AWESOME menu! I seriously couldn’t decide what to get!! I ended up choosing from their vegetarian section, and got a portabella mushroom bowl, which was a marinated portabella mushroom over rice with kale, peanuts, green onions, and a spicy peanut sauce. I literally wanted to lick the bowl.


It was super late by the time we got home, which unfortunately threw off Colton’s schedule a bit. Ahh, life with a newborn!


Thanks to a weird night of sleep from this guy, we were up pretty early in the morning. More time to celebrate, I guess?


Honestly, our Saturday ended up being pretty low key. We mostly hung around the house and got a few projects crossed off our list, took a nice walk, and caught up on a few TV shows.

Which clearly was exhausting!


We also tried our hand at bottle feeding! Chris and I are going out to see Book of Mormon next weekend, and grammy is babysitting. So we wanted to make sure our child wasn’t going to starve if we left for a few hours! Thankfully he took to it like a champ, so I can breathe a sigh of relief that my baby will survive if I leave for a bit! Now I just have to pump enough for him to make it through the night without us!


Once Colton went down for the night, Chris and I made some air popped popcorn (topped with a bit of coconut oil and chocolate PB2 for a healthier sweet treat), and settled in to watch 22 Jump Street. So funny! Plus, Channing Tatum. Winning.



We were up early again on Sunday morning for an early church service before coming home to hang out with this little festive guy! Who apparently prefers to look at Mr. Fan more than me…


Eventually I did make it back out of the house to hit up Costco for some necessities. I even tried my hand at babywearing in my Mobywrap so I wouldn’t have to lug the carseat around! I felt like such a crunchy mom! Some old man even stopped to ask me what aisle they sell babies in. :)


I came home to this guy prepping dinner! We invited over our friends Aileen and Nate for a belated 4th of July BBQ and to watch the USA-Japan game, and Chris cooked up some awesome bean burgers (beef for the boys), corn, and pasta salad. Which I completely failed to get a picture of!


It was great hanging out with our friends, especially since we’re both leaving the area by the end of this month. Boooo! We also enjoyed the game, even if it was far less exciting than I thought it would be! I guess that’s what happens when you score 4 goals in the first 16 minutes (none of which I say, by the way, because I was in the other room feeding Colton. I figured I wouldn’t miss much in the first few minutes of the game… boy was I wrong!).

Phew! That was one crazy weekend!! Thankfully this week is going to be pretty chill, which is exactly what I need to recover! I may even take a nap today… that sounds lovely!

So tell me: What did you do for 4th of July weekend? Any fun holiday traditions? Anyone else watch the soccer game?

Wine and Snuggles! {Five Favorites Friday}

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Happy Friday!!

Not only is it Friday, it’s also a holiday Friday! That means that I get an extra set of hands around the house (and for diaper changes!), which is always nice. Plus, we have some exciting plans to visit my sister-in-law in Richmond this afternoon for a bit. We wanted to make sure we got down there before we move at the end of the month. Which is still kind of scary to think about! One month! EEEEEEKK!

Anyway, I’m in a great mood this morning, so I think it’s a perfect time to jump into some favorites, don’t you?


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Favorite Baby Milestone: Packing away the newborn clothes


I’m not going to lie, it was kind of bittersweet to pack up all of his newborn clothes! My teeny, tiny baby is now a whopping 9+ lbs (we’ll find out he exact weight this afternoon at his 1 month appointment). How did that even happen??


But it’s also kind of cool, because now we have a whole new set of adorable 0-3 month outfits for him to wear! haha. I can’t really wear stylish clothes right now, but you’d better believe I’m going to make sure my kid looks cute!

Favorite Recent TV Obsession: Fixer Upper

Since I’m home all day, er’day now, I find myself watching a lot of HGTV. Or at least, having it on in the background as I got about my day. And recently, I’ve become completely obsessed with the show Fixer Upper!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love me some Property Brothers, but I just find Chip and Joanna so stinking cute together. Plus, I LOVE their design style – so rustic! I am a terrible decorator myself, so I like to pretend like I’m actually going to absorb some of their good taste via osmosis.

Favorite Delivery: Advocare goodies!


Becky has turned me into an Advocare addict!

The lactation consultant recommended that I start taking some probiotics, and when I started looking for some online, I remembered that Advocare has some good ones. From there it was all downhill… I forgot just how many good products there are! And because they are all checked through a Medical Advisory Board, there are plenty that are listed as safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas!

I ended up picking up some more Spark (cherry flavored this time!), Omega-3 supplements, amino acid supplements, and some probiotics. Those should last me for a bit!

Favorite Summer Scent: Wine Down


Guys, go out and by this now. And by “buy this”, I mean “buy the entire stock of them”. I am OBSESSED with this scent from Bath & Body Works! It’s the perfect fruity, fresh, but not overpowering summer scent.

Plus, can we just talk about the packaging for 3 seconds. I’m a sucker for anything sparkly, and not only is this one covered in sparkles, but it even has a sparkly top! Winning!

But seriously, go find this now. You can thank me later.

Favorite Way to Spend an Evening: Snuggling with this cutie!


I mean, really. Does this even need an explanation? Sweet, sleepy, snuggly babies are the best!


Alright, well I’m off this morning to get our house ready to show. Cross your fingers – we’re REALLY hoping for a good crowd to come through on this long weekend. We need our house to sell soon!!

Have a great Friday, a great 4th of July, and a great long weekend!

So tell me: What is one thing you’re loving this week? Any exciting 4th of July plans?