Body After Baby – 4 Months

It’s picture day at Colton’s daycare, which means that our morning was beyond crazy. It took me 15 minutes just to get into the parking lot from the main road!! I’m pretty sure that picture day is 1000x more stressful for parents than it is for the kids, and they are the ones getting moved around in 100 different positions!

Anyway, I’m just popping in (a little late) today to share with you my 4 month Body After Baby update. Things are definitely not changing at the same rate they used to, but I really wanted to be able to share with you guys all of the aspects of my postpartum journey, so I’m going to keep these going for a few more months. 

So let’s jump right in!

Body After Baby


This month has been a little hard for me, because the physical changes have definitely slowed down a lot. I’m still holding onto about 8 very stubborn pounds. While I’m trying not to focus on numbers, it is definitely hard to look at the scale and see a number much higher than you’d like.

However, if I ignore the numbers part of it, I’m feeling really great. Since the weather has gotten colder, I finally caved and went out and bought a few new clothing pieces for the fall with my birthday money. I was actually pleasantly surprised in how things fit (for the most part), although I did have to go up a size in pants. But all-in-all, it was a shopping trip that actually was a nice boost to my confidence.

4 months


In general, I’m feeling pretty great mentally. This has been a fairly stressful month for me in trying to find a good school-home-work-family balance, and while I think we’ve finally started to get a handle on it, there were definitely a few rough days in there. But I’m pretty confident that we’re coming out of that tunnel and finally seeing the light!

Otherwise, I’m really feeling in my groove as a mom. I’ve had a few friends have babies or prepare for adoptions in the past month, and have had people come ask me for advice. Not that I think that I am an expert, by any means, but it’s nice to feel confident enough to be able to help out other new parents! 


Erg, eating. Eating has not been so good. I feel like I’m riding this fine balance between being STARVING all the time thanks to breastfeeding (seriously, it’s ridiculous) but not wanting to over eat. Plus I’ve gotten into this seriously bad sweets habit that I used to not have, so that is definitely a problem. 

But the first step is admitting the problem, right? haha. Chris and I have talked about ways to try and be a little smarter with our meal choices and get rid of the desserts in our house, because both of us have fallen into some less-than-stellar eating habits lately. 

4 months postpartum




While my exercise routine is still by no means perfect, I’m happy to report that it is going fairly well. At this point I’m making it to the gym about 2-3x a week, which is less than I’d like, but is about all I can manage right now in between classes and parenting duties. So I am doing my best to make the most of those few workouts, and looking at trying to add maybe 1 at home workout a week, if possible. I’m trying not to let myself get too stressed about it, and just working with what I have (type A problems!)

I am also trying to get back into running a little bit, although it’s been a slow process. But it still feels really good to put one foot in front of the other and just get moving!



Overall, I think this has been a pretty solid month. It has felt really good to get into more of a routine and figure out our new normal. While our schedule is definitely not perfect (by any means!), I’m just glad that we’re finally feeling more settled here. I’m just a list and schedule person (again with  the type A problems), that just knowing that I can get to the gym a few times a week and still have a balance has made me feel a lot more comfortable. 

So tell me: How do you get your eating back on track when you’ve found yourself with less-than-healthy habits?


Baby Colton – 4 Months

Somebody turned 4 months old last week!

Yup, this guy!

4 months old


Stats: At his 4 month appointment last week, here were his stats –

Weight: 13.999lbs (yes, the wrote it just like that)

Height: 25 ¼ inches long

Head: 16 ¼ inches around

Eating: Still exclusively breastfeeding. He does get several bottles of pumped breastmilk during the day while at daycare, and sucks those down! He is currently eating about 6-7 times a day, which is roughly every 2-3 hours. He also is starting to figure out how to hold his bottle, which is the cutest thing!

Sleeping: Well, he was a rock star. Up until this past weekend, he was sleeping about 10-12 hours a night. He typically goes to between somewhere between 8-8:30pm, and sleeps until somewhere between 7-8. However, in the last few days he’s been waking up a few times at night. We’re not sure if it’s because of his cold (and he’s coughing himself awake) or if it’s the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and growth spurt that we’ve heard about.

4 month old baby

Mood: We’re really lucky, because he is such a happy-go-lucky baby. His personality has really started to come out this month, and he makes it pretty clear when he likes or dislikes something. Most of the time he is perfectly content to just look around and observe the world around him. In general, he is really easy to take out places, and as long as he isn’t hungry (THE WORST) he is content. But he will definitely let you know when he is unhappy, that’s for sure, and it usually has to do with an empty belly.

Clothes: We’re mostly into 3-6 month clothes at this point. He is pretty skinny, so he can still fit into some 0-3s, but because he’s starting to get long we’re having to move into the larger sizes. Especially in anything that has feet.

4 month old baby

Likes: Moving around, eating our toes, being a “super baby” (aka being held up in the air on his belly), watching other people, blowing bubbles, taste testing everything, bathtime, dancing, and laughing at people making funny sounds.

Dislikes: Being hungry, loud noises (he gets super scared), and when his cloth diapers are wet

Nicknames: Bubbers, Bubs, Buddy, Superbaby, squirmy-wormy

I am: Really starting to feel like we’ve fallen into a good routine. I’m (usually) confident in taking him out with me wherever I go and being able to figure out what he needs when he is upset. I’m also really enjoying seeing him learn new things and watching his little brain work. There are still some times when I can hardly believe that he is my little guy, but I’m not sure that feeling ever really goes away!

C is: An awesome dad. It is the cutest thing to see Colton turn to look when he hears Chris get home from work, and he loves to fall asleep on his daddy’s chest. Also, mommy might be funny, but daddy is HILARIOUS. No one can make him giggle quite like daddy.

4 month old baby

And just because this blog is all about real life, here is a sneak peak into what this photo session REALLY looked like:

4 month old baby

“nom nom nom, I eat you Mr. Puppy Dog”

I foresee these monthly photos getting more and more difficult!

No one likes a sick baby

Well, I had some good intentions to write a post yesterday morning. And then yesterday evening. But alas, here we are on Tuesday and I’m just sitting down at my computer to write something up.

You see, if you want to get a good depiction of what my weekend looked like, a picture is worth 1000 words.


Yup, that’s right. Sad face and coffee.

This weekend was a mix of caring for a sick baby, the (possible) start of the 4 month sleep regression, and entertaining lots of company. Translation: very little sleep for mommy and daddy.

Poor little man has caught a nasty little cold that sounds terrible. He is all stuffed up and coughing constantly. The doc said it’s just a cold and that it’ll pass, so for now we’re just waiting it out and giving him lots of snuggles. But he keeps waking himself up in the middle of the night, which is no fun for anyone. 

Big man also got his 4 month shots on Friday (doc said it was OK even with his cold, since he hasn’t run any fever at all), which means that we also had a super sleepy, super cuddly baby on our hands. Thankfully he took them like a champ.

So needless-to-say, most of our weekend was spent hanging around the house. Which actually worked out perfectly, because we had a whole slew of company come through. First, my dad and his girlfriend stopped through Atlanta for a few days after a whirlwind cross-country trip, which means that they were totally fine with just hanging out, watching football, and cuddling with the baby. 

My dad also whipped up some delicious chili for us while watching football. Nothing says fall to me like a big bowl of chili!

fall chili

After they left on Sunday, we had another set of family drop by for a few hours on their way home to Florida. They only had a few hours to spend, so we grabbed lunch and played pass the baby for awhile. It was their first time meeting Colton, so I was glad that we were able to catch up with them, even if it was just for a bit. 

However, then Colton preceded to have 2 nights in a row of horrible sleep, where we were waking up about every 2 hours to feed him. Where did that come from???  I haven’t gotten this little sleep since the newborn days! I think it’s a mix of the cough waking him up, paired with a growth spurt (often related to the typical 4 month sleep regression). But whatever it is, it is taking some adjusting. I’ve gotten used to my sleep again!

Thankfully last night he managed to wake up just once, so I’m hoping he’s adjusting too. If not, I’m going to have to start bringing back this whole afternoon nap concept, for real. 

I do have some fun posts coming at you this week, including Colton’s 4 month update and my 4 Month Body After Baby update, so stay tuned. Well, assuming that I actually get some sleep and can function enough to write some posts, that is. Mama needs her sleep!

Have a great Wednesday!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? What are some of your favorite fall staples?

Dear Colton – 4 Months

Dear Colton,

I feel like I say this every single month, but WOW, how is it possible that another month has already gone by? It feels like just last week you were my tiny little newborn, and now you’re practically a grown man! This month has been full of so many exciting things that have been incredibly fun to watch, and each day I almost need to pinch myself to remember that this is real life and that you really are mine.

Probably my favorite thing this month is watching your little brain discover new things. I feel like every day you’re learning something new and showing off all your new skills. I only wish I knew what was going on in that brain of yours when you stare at things with wonder or laugh when we make faces at you.

20150927_133752 (1)

This month we’ve seen you pick up so many new skills. You can now roll over from your belly to your back (although this one is really new, so sometimes you can’t quite make it over and get frustrated!), which scared the crap out of mommy the first time you did it because you nearly rolled yourself off the bed. We definitely can’t turn our backs on you for even a second anymore! You also figured out that you have a voice that can make funny sounds, like high-pitched squeals and long, low growls. You even developed a belly laugh, which you always do whenever daddy tickles you and it’s just about the cutest thing ever.

But your favorite thing this month has definitely been discovering your toes. At first you just realized that you could grab them, and you’d just lay on your back in happy baby pose (now I know why it’s called that!) all day long. In the last few weeks though, you’ve figured out that toes are tasty, and you love to bring them all the way up to your mouth and suck on your big toe. Which daddy thinks is totally gross, even though mommy keeps telling him that it’s actually good for your development (that’s the developmental psychologist coming out in her!) When you’re not grabbing your toes, you’re definitely grabbing anything you can find and shoving it in your mouth. So many germs!

Tummy Time

Mommy and daddy are constantly reminded just how lucky they are that you’re such a chill baby. You love going to daycare and watching all of the other babies who have started to crawl or talk. The ladies at daycare absolutely love you, because you are so straightforward and just love to sit on their laps and watch the world around you. I wonder if you’re going to stay this reflective and calm when you get older!

Everyone warned us about the 4 month sleep regression, but so far you seem to love your sleep too much to give it up (just like your mommy!) Everyone always asks us whether we’re still feeling sleep deprived, and I always laugh and say yes, but not because of the baby. You sleep 11-12 hours every night, and are the happiest, smiliest baby when you wake up. If only mommy was that happy in the morning! But it’s hard not to smile when I see your happy face looking up at me from your crib.

Eating is also going really well for us. Thankfully you do really well with a bottle while at daycare (in fact, the daycare ladies always comment on how your suck down your food), and we have finally really gotten the hang of breastfeeding. You will definitely let us (and everyone around you) know when you’re hungry though. You seem to go from fine to hangry in about .5 seconds! Luckily you’re on a pretty good schedule, so we usually know when it’s coming. 20150920_144519

Overall, it’s been such a fun month watching your personality come out and seeing you learn new tricks and learn about the world around you. You are such an observant little guy, and I just can’t wait to show you so many more new things. We’ve had such a fun month – going to baseball games, daycare, school (you had to come to class with me twice when your daycare flooded), and exploring our new city.

It’s such a joy to be your mommy, Colton, and I can’t imagine my life without you!

Here is to another great month, and many more to come!


Your Mommy

Remember when I used to run?

Yea, me too.

Ah, the good old days.

Truthfully, I haven’t done much running since Colton was born. Wait, that’s still a lie. I haven’t really done ANY running since Colton was born.

And I miss it.

Before he was born, I will admit that I had a lot of grand plans to get back into running postpartum. Since I had to stop running about 4.5 months into pregnancy (thanks to someone being positioned nicely on my bladder), I really missed being able to get out there in the spring and just run for the fun of it. So I really hoped that once I gave birth and gave myself time to recover, that I would just kind of jump back into things, just a little slower than before.


Well, that hasn’t exactly happened. For a variety of reasons.

First of all, this whole move and starting school thing has really forced me to adapt my fitness schedule. I’m still working to find a balance of fitting in some gym time in between classes, homework, research and mommy/family time. I’m starting to figure out a routine, but it’s taken a lot longer than I’d planned.

Second, I haven’t had as much motivation to get back into running as I thought I would. Honestly, I’ve been more focused lately on getting back into the weight room that running has weirdly been put on the back burner.

And third (and possibly the most important), is that I’ve found running to be a tad uncomfortable postpartum which is something that I didn’t really plan for when I was still pregnant and had big running dreams. I’ll spare you too many details, but let’s just say that as a breastfeeding mama who went up 2+ cup sizes since getting pregnant, I’ve found certain aspects of running much more uncomfortable than before and have had to make some adjustments to both my wardrobe and running style.

Well, that got awkward.


But yes, that’s where I currently am in my running journey. What spawned this post was the fact that today, pretty much for the first time since having Colton (minus a few quick jogs here and there), I actually went for a run. It wasn’t long, and it wasn’t fast. But it was a run. And it made me feel awesome.

So hello, running bug. We meet again!

However, I am definitely very aware of my limitations. I’m WAY out of running shape (like pathetically so), so I am really going to have to start from the beginning and build my endurance back up again. I’ve never been too much of a run-walk kind of person, but I’m toying with the idea of trying out something like the Couch25k or another similar program just to get some basic endurance back before I start seriously training for anything.

Does anyone have any experiences with these kinds of programs? Any thoughts?

The other option is that I just kind of wing it over the next couple of weeks and figure out what my body is able to handle right now. I’m usually not much of a “just wing it” person, but I am wondering if I don’t set limits whether I’ll surprise myself.

So yea, that’s where I am. Bit by the running bug, but with no solid plan yet. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to really start from scratch with my running endurance, so I have almost forgotten how I went about it in the first place. Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated!

Now I’m off to go look up some local races. Ooh, could this be dangerous…

So tell me: Any tips or tricks on getting back into running or building up running endurance?

Weekend Recap {9.28.15}

Well hello there!

Once again I’m back from a slight hiatus. I swear, one of these weeks I’m actually going to get this blogging-school-mommy balance down!

That’s actually something I wanted to talk with you guys a little bit about. Since I got pregnant I’ve been blogging both here and over on Freckles & Fingerpaint, because I really wanted to keep the health and fitness focus here on My Freckled Life, and I wasn’t sure how you all would feel about all this baby talk. However, since Colton was born, I’ve found it really difficult to maintain even one blog, let alone two.

So I have been toying with the idea of merging both blogs back into one, housed here at My Freckled Life. What do you all think of that? Would you be open to reading some baby-related posts mixed in with some health and fitness posts (You know, assuming I can start writing those again!)?

20150927_133752 (1)

I’d really like to know what you all think, so please let a comment below! My feelings wont be hurt either way.

ANYWAY, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the real point of this post.

This past weekend was a great one, albeit super rainy. In fact, it was so rainy that at one point Laney even refused to go outside to pee! It must be bad when even a dog wont step out into the downpour.


October is going to be a month full of visitors, starting later this week, so we took this “no-plans” weekend and turned it into a “clean-and-decorate-the-apartment” weekend.

While we are mostly unpacked from our move (I think we’re down to one box, woooo!), we have been living with totally blank walls for the past 2 months. In fact, all of our decorations have just been sitting in a corner of the living room. Decorations just aren’t the same when they are sitting on the floor!

So we actually made an effort to start putting some of them up this weekend. Which is way more difficult than you would think, because I’m seriously the biggest second-guesser when it turns to decorations. I am just never sure if things are in the right place or look good. I just don’t have the gift of interior decorating, unfortunately.

Otherwise, we really just left the apartment for church and some grocery shopping. Super exciting, right? But much needed after a crazy week.

Also, can I just say that at first I found it funny just how much pumpkin stuff Trader Joe’s had on display. Then I noticed just how long I was spending looking at all the delicious pumpkin goodness, and realized that displays like this were clearly for people like me. I am a marketers dream.


Thankfully this coming week should hopefully be a lot less stressful. No exams, no major deadlines – thank goodness! So I am really hoping to use this calmer week to get ahead on some of my assignments, and get back to the gym.

Speaking of, here is my tentative plan for the coming week:


Monday – Arms & Abs

Tuesday – Spin class

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – Cardio + legs

Friday – rest (Colton has his 4mo appointment and shots. Booo.)


With family coming in on Wednesday, I dont quite know what our exact plans for dinners are going to be. So instead of trying to plan it out exactly, here are the tentative meals I’m planning on making this week:

Baked chicken fajitas (I made these last night – stay tuned for a quick and easy recipe!)

Turkey stuffed peppers

Pan-fried flounder with quinoa and veggies

I hope you all have a great week!

So tell me: What are your thoughts about including some more baby posts? What did you do this weekend? Any good meals planned for this week?

Celebrating 28

First of all, thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday! It ended up being a great, low-key day, which is exactly how I like it!

Unfortunately my birthday always falls right during the week of first exams of the semester, which means that I spent most of the day studying statistics (booo!). But I did manage to get out of my office for a bit to hit of the gym for a quick, hardcore upper body workout that has left me with jello arms today! So all in all, I call that a success!

Chris, Colton and I also went out to dinner to celebrate. Of course I picked Mexican, because let’s be real, I could eat it every day of the week!


Complete with a pomegranate margarita that was heavy on the tequila! Thank goodness for pumped breastmilk so that this mama could celebrate! It also made me realize just how low my tolerance level is these days. That’s what 9 months without will do to you!

While it wasn’t necessarily specifically for my birthday, we also got to have a fun time this weekend going to Colton and my first Braves game! Chris has been a Braves fan forever, so he really wanted to introduce Colton and I to the tomahawk chop before the Braves get a new stadium next year.




Of course we had to get some Braves swag for Little Man!


He did really great for the first 7 innings. We had 7th row seats, so unfortunately that meant that we were right in the sun (don’t worry, we had him covered with a hat and a thin blanket for his legs so his pasty skin didn’t fry!) But after a couple of hours, he was getting hot and grumpy, so we moved up into the shade for the last bit of the game.


“I am not amused by baseball, mom.”

We also finished off my birthday with an awesome cake made by Chris! Since my birthday falls right at the beginning of fall, I always tend to request some sort of fall-ish cake, and Chris did not disappoint: An apple spice cake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting topped with pecans from his grandparent’s house.


Eaten with a side of baby monitoring, of course (poor little guy has the sniffles and is absolutely pathetic to listen to right now!)


As I said, all-in-all it was a terrific birthday. When you’re a mom (especially a new mom) it’s really easy to forget to take some time to celebrate yourself because you’re so busy loving on your new little person. So I am really lucky that I have so many friends and family members who didn’t let me forget to celebrate myself and spoiled me rotten with presents, kind words and baked good.

I am one lucky girl!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday, and happy first day of fall!

So tell me: Have you ever been to a Major League Baseball game? What is your favorite part? What cake do you typically request for your birthday?

28 Things to be thankful for


Normally I am in full agreement that Mondays are the worst (I mean, come on, they don’t call it “a case of the Mondays” for nothing!) Today, however, is a happy Monday! Why, you ask?

Because today is my birthday!! And just in case you’re wondering, today I’m turning 25. For the 4th time. :)

Although, I’ll be honest and say that ever since having Colton, I feel like my entire sense of birthdays is completely different. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of people ask me what I wanted, and truthfully I really couldn’t come up with anything that I truly needed for myself. All I could think of were things I wanted to get for the baby! I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but it’s the truth! All my focus is on the little guy these days!

Anyway, in honor of my birthday and because this has been a great year, I thought I’d share 28 things that I am thankful for today!

1. An amazing and supportive husband who always encourages me to be my best self.

2. An adorable, snuggly, happy-go-lucky baby who has truly made my world better.


3. A wonderful extended family who spoil Colton rotten!

4. That I have the opportunity to pursue my dream and advance my education, even when that means giving up a full time job to do so.

5. The fact that we found a city that both Chris and I already love and can’t wait to explore more fully!


6. That we have a healthy baby who is an awesome sleeper! I’m definitely counting my lucky stars on this one – mama needs her sleep!

7. Actually, I’m just thankful that we have a very straightforward baby who has been so adaptable during these crazy few months!

8. Great friends who have stayed in touch since our move to Atlanta. Real friends are hard to come by, and I am so lucky to say that I have been blessed with some great ones!

9. A great job opportunity for Chris so that not only can we afford for me to follow my dream, but it also is a great opportunity for his career.

10. That my entire pregnancy went so smoothly and that I had an uncomplicated birth (even if it was 76 hours!)

11. That my postpartum recovery has been smooth, and I am really starting to feel like my pre-pregnant self again!

3 months postpartum

12. I’ve already made some great friends here, and I can’t wait to get more involved in our community, my school and our church to make some more.

13. That we’ve already found a church that we really love, and are joining a new bible study this week that is full of new parents just like us!

14. That the month of October is going to be full of visits from family members. Although let’s be real, they are mostly just coming to see the baby! ;-P

15. That my school has a gym with a ton of fun, new-to-me classes! I am so lucky to be able to take advantage of this gym for free (well… as a part of my student fees, but you know what I mean!)


16. That we found a daycare that we really like. Not only are the teachers great, but it’s also directly across the street from my building, so I can pop in whenever I want to see him!

17. That we found a great apartment to live in for this year, complete with a dog park for Laney to run around.

18. The blog world, and all of the friends I’ve made because of it!

19. You guys! Seriously, I have loved being able to share my life with you for the past 3.5 years, and I am so thankful that you all have stuck with me during some pretty crazy changes in my life!

20. A goofy puppy who is also an awesome doggie big sister!


21. That breastfeeding and pumping is continuing to go well since I started school (definitely something I was nervous about!)

22. Several trips that we’ve already planned to visit family and friends.

23. That it’s Hokie football season! There is nothing I love more than spending my Saturdays watching football!

24. The fact that now that we live in Georgia, we’re so much closer to a lot of our extended family!

25. That I’m no longer pregnant, so I can drink again. Even if it comes with a side of statistics.


26. That the transition back into the school mindset hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it might be.

27. And that my department has been so supportive of me coming in with a baby. They even let me bring him to class when his daycare flooded last week thanks to a giant rainstorm that came through the city.

28. That I am happy and healthy and able to live my life every day knowing how blessed I am!


Phew! That’s a lot of things to be thankful for! It has truly been an awesome (albeit crazy) year for me, and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store!

Alright, now I’m off to eat cake. Because it’s my birthday and I do what I want. :)

Have a great Monday!

So tell me: What are you thankful for?

(Re)Starting a Workout Routine

Happy Tuesday!!

Honestly, this has already started out to be a super crazy week! Colton’s daycare flooded on Thursday night, so it was closed Friday and Monday, meaning that I had to bring the baby with me to class! Starting him on his education young!

Unfortunately this also meant that instead of hanging around on campus getting work done, after class we would have to come home and hang out which isn’t exactly conducive to getting work done. So while I LOVE hanging out with my cute little guy, I’ve already started out this week a bit behind on my work load which is kind of stressful.

Just means that now that his daycare is back open (thank goodness!) I just need to buckle down and get to work!

So since I’m ready to run out the door and get to work, I thought I’d share some tips with you when it comes to getting back into a workout routine, which is what I’m trying to figure out right now!

(Re)Starting a Workout Routine

Between having a baby (and taking the necessary time post-delivery to recover) and moving, my old workout routine took a big hit. And by big hit, I mean that it became basically non-existent.

It’s not that I didn’t WANT to work out, it was just that once I got out of the habit, it was harder than I expected to get back into it. I felt like there were so many obstacles: time, energy (new babies are exhausting!), fear of going too hard and injuring myself… the list goes on. I started making excuses. And then I got down on myself when the scale wasn’t showing what I was hoping to see.


It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, once we finally got more settled here in Atlanta, that I decided that it was time to buckle down and figure out a way to restart my new exercise routine. I know that there are tips galore out there about how to go about starting (or restarting, in my case) a new exercise program. And I can’t promise that these tips are anything new or mindblowing.

But they ARE what worked for me, so I wanted to share them with you all, just in case anyone else is in the same boat!

Try something new or fun

In my head, I knew what my goals were. But I also found them to be a bit intimidating after taking off several weeks months, and the thought of just jumping back into the weight room or onto the treadmill mildly stressed me out.

So I decided to try out some totally new-to-me classes to basically get my mojo back. Since I had never taken them before, I knew I wouldn’t have anything to compare my current self too. And you know what? Just taking a few classes totally broke the ice and brought back my love of the gym!

Schedule it out


This might not work if you’re not super type-A like me, but I find it hugely motivating to write down my workouts in my calendar. Not only does it help me stay organized and make sure I get several workouts in during my crazy busy week, but it also helps make my workouts a priority. Plus there is nothing better than being able to cross something off your calendar once you’ve completed it!

Write it down

This one is right along the same lines as the tip above. If you’re not going to be taking classes, write down a plan for your workout. Especially when you’re getting started (or restarted), it’s really easy to walk into the weight room and putz around for an hour, and realize by the time you leave that you really didn’t actually do all that much because you were too busy thinking about what to do. If you go in with a plan (even just one you’ve found online or in a magazine), you’re so much more likely to get in a good workout.

If you need some ideas, check out my workout Pinterest board!

Pack your clothes the night before

This is something that I’ve just started doing, and it’s such a huge help! Mornings around here are super crazy, so it’s really easy for me to either run out of time, or forget to pack up my clothes entirely. But I’ve found that if I have my bags packed the night before, it’s so much easier to just grab and go in the morning.

Plus, for any of you who are working, it makes it so much easier to be able to just go straight to the gym after work instead of having to come home first (and have the couch call your name!)

Find an Accountability partner


(shoutout to the lovely Erin!)

They always say that working out with a partner can keep you motivated to keep going. And while this is really true, sometimes that’s just not an option. You may have a weird schedule, or be totally new to an area (like me!), or just not have anyone else in your life who is into fitness. But that doesnt mean that you have to be alone.

Find a facebook group, instagram friend, or online message board to use as your accountability partner. There are a TON of people out there like you, so find someone and link up. Even if it’s just exchanging instagram likes, sometimes just knowing that someone else is supporting you can be really reassuring. Heck, I’ll be your accountability partner (as long as you return the favor!!)

Like I said, none of these ideas are new, but they DO work. As scary and intimidating as it can be to restart a fitness routine, sometimes all it takes is something to break the ice in the weight room and all of those happy endorphins just come flooding back! You just have to take that first step! (Easier said than done, I know!)

So tell me: What do you to when you need to start (or restart) a new workout routine? Any tips or tricks?

WIAW: Back to School Edition


I’m sharing Colton’s 3 Month Update over on Freckles & Fingerpaint. Make sure to check it out!


One of the goals that I mentioned in my 3 month Body After Baby update was that I really want to focus on eating cleaner again. My food choices have definitely not been the best lately, which is something that is completely and utterly in my control. So I am really trying to make it a priority to make good food decisions and portion sizes, because ultimately I know that’s what my body likes best.

So today I’m going to do something that I haven’t done in FOREVER – a What I Ate Wednesday post! I KNOW, I’m excited about it too! It has been far too long!

Linking up with Jenn for today’s WIAW! Head over to her blog to find out more information and to see what some other awesome bloggers are eating!


WIAW breakfast

After a brief relationship with cereal, I’ve come back to my favorite oatmeal combo. Not only is it the healthier choice, but it also keeps me fuller much longer than cereal does, which helps to eliminate snacking later in the day. This combo includes peanut butter, a little bit of cherry jam, cinnamon, frozen berries, and cashews. Yum!!

Snack #1

WIAW snack

I immediately grabbed an armful of these when I saw the at Target the other day. Pumpkin is back in my life! And it’s after Labor Day (aka Pumpkin Spice Latte day – anyone else with me?), so it’s totally ok. I ended up snacking on this around 11am because I knew I was going to have a late lunch and I needed something to hold me over through my workout.


WIAW lunch

After my workout, I ended up scarfing down my salad while reading for class and pumping. Multi-tasking at it’s finest! This salad included spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded chicken and TJ’s feta dressing. Sadly this salad just didn’t wow me, and I ended up leaving about 1/3 of it uneaten. I don’t know if it was because I’d just come back from my workout or what, but I just wasn’t really feeling it.

Snack #2

Because I didn’t eat all of my lunch, my stomach basically growled its way through my afternoon class. By the time I got out at 3:30, I knew I was going to need a snack to make it through my meetings, so I grabbed some nuggets at Chick-fil-a. This was a prime example of “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I didn’t have any other healthier snacks on me, so in my weak and hungry moment, I didn’t make the best decision. Not the worst decision ever, but definitely not my healthiest either!


WIAW dinner

Sadly I forgot to grab a picture of my dinner plate, so you’ll have to deal with a picture of the whole dish. Since I had a late afternoon meeting, we decided leftovers were the day to go! I ended up with some of this venison and veggie lasagna that I made over the weekend, which included venison meat sauce, kale and zucchini. Super tasty!


Because I didn’t get to get in a workout on Monday like I’d planned, I deviated a little bit from my planned schedule and instead decided to try out a new spin class at my school’s gym. And ooph, could I tell that I hadn’t taken a spin class in awhile! Ouch! But it ended up being a great class (even if I had total jello legs), and I LOVED this instructors playlist! Pretty much every song that came on got me totally pumped. I’m a firm believer that playlists can make or break a class, so this instructor definitely got an A+ in my book!

Overall, it was just an OK day. I was on the right track, but then got a bit derailed when my lunch just didn’t work for me and I ended up eating a less-than-stellar snack. Lesson learned!

Well now I’m off to get like 150+ pages of reading done. Oh yea, this is what school is like! I forgot!

So tell me: What did you eat today? What did your workouts look like?