And we are moving to…

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Happy Friday everyone!!!

Even the dreary, chilly, rainy day can’t keep me down. Because it’s FRIDAY! And Friday means that the weekend is nearly here. And the weekend means that I can sleep in, relax, and actually get some stuff done! Woohoo!!

Actually, this weekend might end up turning out to be the perfect balance of busy and relaxing. We’ve got a 70th birthday party to go to (par-tay), and then a million services to play for at church this Sunday. In between I’m hoping to get in a couple of workouts, get a few house projects done, and maybe even clean out my DVR!

Ok, I’m officially old if that’s my idea of an exciting weekend. :)

Anyway, since I’m in quite the happy mood today and I’ve held you all in suspense long enough while we’ve spread the news out to our families and immediate friends, I wanted to share some exciting news with you! Are you ready?

As you all know, I’ve been applying for my PhD since this past October, and after a million applications, essays, phone conversations, in person interviews and cross-country flights, I have finally made my decision! I ended up with 5 really amazing offers, which was FAR more than I was expecting in the first place, which made my decision a really difficult one.

But in the end, we’ve decided that the Freckle family is moving to…


The big city, full of traffic and the MARTA system and the Perimeter…



Home of the Olympics in 1996, including my favorite Magnificent Seven gymnastics team…


Where we can have all new teams to route for (except for Hockey)…


Known for the World of Coca Cola, the CNN Center, the World’s largest drive-in restaurant, the busiest airport, and as the home of the Civil Rights movement…

Snapshot 11:6:13 9:58 AM-3


Also affectionately known as the “zombie capital of the world” thanks to its prominent role in The Walking Dead.


Where everything is paved in peaches…




Have you guessed yet?


That’s right, we’re moving to ATLANTA!!

Chris and I are so excited to be headed to the South! Chris has lots of family in Georgia (and even some in downtown Atlanta), and we have several friends who have relocated there as well, so we’ll be in good company. Plus, it’ll be a whole new adventure for us after living in the country(ish) for the last few years. But we are definitely up for the challenge!

Hotlanta, here we come!

Happy Friday!

So tell me: If you could pick any major city to live in, where would it be?

WIAW: Back on the train edition

Long time, no WIAW!

I know, my favorite tradition is back and I’m so excited to finally be able to rejoin! It’s funny, once you get out of the habit of taking pictures of your food everyday, it’s hard to remember to start again!

But I actually managed to get a picture of my eats yesterday and I’m so excited to be able to share them with you today. I love being nosy and seeing what other people are eating!

Linking up with Laura from Spring 2 The Table & Jenn from Peas and Crayons for this week’s WIAW!



I’m back on the breakfast sandwich train again! It’s just so quick, easy and filling! I typically make mine with 2 eggs, cheddar cheese, and a whole wheat english muffin. And then drench the whole thing in sriracha of course. I’m still riding that spicy train strong – and am still sans heartburn. This kid is clearly going to be bald.



I’ve been back on the salad train as well! I prepped these salads on Sunday, and I’m so happy I did! I topped them with some seasoned black beans, cheese and tortilla strips, and then a little bit of this chipotle ranch dressing I picked up completely on a whim at the store. And that I’m not completely and utterly obsessed with.

A coworker also picked me up an iced decaf coffee. Which I obviously was not going to turn down because… coffee. duh.



I have also been obsessed with grapes lately, which is funny, because normally I’m not really a grape person. But I seem to have dropped my usual love of apples and bananas and traded it out for these little guys instead! Paired with my usual afternoon yogurt.



Yay! First grill of the season!! Chris grilled up some chicken breasts, which we paired with some mashed potatoes and roasted green beans. Pretty basic, but boy was it tasty!

There also may have been a girl scout cookie or two consumed after dinner. Those darn peppy girl scouts get me every year!


I’ve been rocking the workouts this week so far, which I’m so excited about! It feels good to get back on that train! Today I took a 30 minute hilly walk during my lunch break (I typically eat and work at my desk so that I can actually take my break later in the afternoon), which was refreshing even though it was a bit cold and overcast. Apparently spring hasn’t completely hit yet.

After work I managed to make it to yoga for the first time in AGES, which felt really good. Although this belly is getting more and more in the way, which was a touch frustrating. I keep remembering those days when I could touch my toys and do a full backbend. Yea… neither are happening anymore. But still, it felt good to get stretched out and I’m definitely feeling a touch sore today!


I hope you all have a great Wednesday! I’m off to my 30 week doctor’s appointment, and hopefully we’ll find out whether this little guy is continuing to grow like he should. Wish me luck!

So tell me: What are you eating today? What does your workout look like?

Things I’m looking forward to this spring

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Guys, I feel like I’ve been in a little bit of a funk for these last 2 weeks or so. Life has just been SO busy, with all of this grad school stuff, getting the house ready to go on the market, baby stuff, meetings, appointments and less-than-ideal conditions at work (i.e. internet going out for a week), and I’ve just been feeling a little worn down.

I’m normally one who can handle a lot on her plate at once, but I think all these pregnancy hormones have made it so that I get exhausted (both mentally and physically) a little easier than I used to.

So I apologize if I’ve been less than my usual peppy self around these parts as of late!

The good news is, I feel like we’re on the upswing now. House is on the market and getting really good feedback so far (and it’s only been on for 3 days!), grad school decisions has been made, and we’re in the home stretch in this pregnancy. Life is good.

Plus, now that it’s spring, the sun is shining, the temperatures are getting above freezing, and the days are getting longer and longer. How can you not be cheerful?

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Let go of some of that stress and negativity and worry, and replace it with excitement and joy. Be positive. Pull myself out of this stressed and exhausted funk.

So today, I thought I’d share with you some of the things about spring that I’m most excited about. While fall is my favorite season of the year, spring definitely comes in a strong second. It’s like a beautiful, warm wake up after a dreary winter. And here are some of the things that I am excited to enjoy:

Going for walks


You may remember WAY back during the summer and fall last year where I used to go for a run or walk during my lunch break nearly every day. Obviously I had to put that on hold during the winter when it was just too daggone cold, but I’m so excited to finally be able to get back out there. I’m done to just walking these days, but it’s a very hilly area and it definitely gets my heart pumpin if I walk fast. Plus, it’s a great way to get at least some movement in on those days when I’m just too busy after work to get to the gym (aka most days right now…)

Grilling Out

I LOVE using our grill. Ok, truth: I love when Chris uses are grill, because he is definitely the grill master. But there is just something about spring and summer that just screams grilled chicken and burgers and grilled veggies that makes me so happy!

Smoothie Weather


Yea, yea, I realize that you can really drink smoothies any time of the year. I know. But I have a weird temperature thing where I don’t like my food to contradict the weather. I know, it’s bizarre. But my smoothie game drops dramatically in the winter, and I just can bring myself to drink something half frozen. During the spring though? All bets are off!

Plus, I haven’t been the best about getting fruits in lately, so this will be a great way to up my antioxidant game!

Iced Coffee


Again, it’s a temperature thing. Hot coffee in the winter, cold coffee the rest of the year. Even though I’m not stuck with decaf, which is SO not the same. But still, I have already been starting on the iced americanos on some of our warm days lately, and I can’t wait to make the switch permanent.

Soaking up some vitamin D

While we’re not going anywhere fun this spring/summer with Baby Freckle on the way, I am excited just to be able to do some activities that get us outside. Walking the dog, eating meals outside, going on picnics – anything that lets us soak up some of that precious vitamin D that I feel like I’ve been missing all winter long.

Wedding & Shower season!


Spring always means the beginning of wedding and shower season with my friends, and I LOVE both of them! We already have some weddings to go to this spring and summer, as well as some baby showers (including some of my own!) coming up in the next month or two. I love being able to celebrate with my friends, and even though I can’t partake in the champagne this spring, at least I’ll get to cheer and cry and smile along with everyone else! I’m such a sap!

Baby Freckle being born!


Ok, pretty obviously, but I am very excited for this little man to join our family at the end of the spring. Less than 10 weeks to go! It’s insane how fast this whole thing has gone, although I know it will probably slow down now that I’ve jinxed it. But we are definitely ready (or as ready as we’ll ever be) to have this guy come in to our lives and see just how much of an impact he makes.

See, doesn’t thinking about all the amazing things that spring brings just make you happy? I know I’m already feeling better on this Tuesday morning!

Yay for Spring!

So tell me: What are you most looking forward to this spring?

“He has your nose!” {Weekend Recap}

 Oh Monday… why must you always arrive so quickly? Don’t you know that I could use an extra day or two of weekend?

But seriously. Who invented Mondays anyway? I think every weekend should be a 3 day weekend! Think of how much more productive we’d be if we had an extra day to get stuff done!

Needless-to-say, I’m not really all that gung-ho today. Although at least it’s feeling nice and springy outside – that is definitely something! But I’d still much rather be curled up in bed catching a few more hours of sleep! Anyone else with me this morning?

Anyway, this weekend ended up being quite the relaxing one, which is exactly what I needed after an insane weekend last week, and an equally busy week. I swear, we have zero free evenings anymore! Life needs to slow down a bit, please. Thankfully I was able to take full advantage of the free weekend and spent a lot of quality time on my couch. It was feeling lonely. Had to be done.

Here’s how my lazy weekend went:


 We had originally planned to have Bible Study at our house in the evening, but thanks to some illnesses, “stuck at work”s and teachers out of town for Spring Break, we ended up cancelling. Which was perfectly fine by me, because Chris and I just made some dumplings from the freezer and settled in for a movie.

Basically, the perfect old people Friday night :)


 I didn’t get to sleep in TOO much on Saturday morning because we had a very exciting appointment with this Little Man:

20150321_103631We got to see Baby Freckle for (possibly) the last time before he is born! We were hoping to get some good money shots of his face, but sadly he didn’t really want to cooperate. He spent the entire appointment snuggled up to my uterus and the placenta like they were pillows. Apparently he’s quite cosy in there!

On a good note, we learned that he is definitely head down (he’s practically got one hand out the door at this point) and that he clearly has my nose. Can you see it?

 And yes, that is me torturing my cat. I was a joy.

By the time we got home from the appointment, we had some other exciting news!


Guys, it’s official. We’re moving!

As stressful as these last few weeks have been trying to get everything prepped, it was really nice to finally have it official. Even better? We got a call within 3 hours of the listing being up from someone who wanted to see our house! That’s a good sign (I hope!)

Chris and I headed out to run some errands while people were checking out our digs, including a trip to Buy Buy Baby (I feel like I could be a salesperson there at this point!) and Babies R Us, and lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Weirdly, while we were at BWW, I ended up getting my first ever Braxton Hicks contractions, which were actually kind of painful! I may have had a minor freakout and googled the crap out of it, because I wasn’t expecting those suckers to hurt! Dr. Google told me to lay down and rest, and if I had more than 4 in an hour to call the doc. Well I had 3, and then proceeded to nap and they went away, but it was definitely terrifying!

Saturday night Chris and I declared we needed a date night, and to use some gift cards that have been burning holes in our wallets, so we headed out for dinner and a movie.

First up, Olive Garden! Not our normal choice, but like I said we had a gift card and figured we might as well. I was feeling something cheesy, and after filling myself on salad could only make it through half of this parmesan shrimp dish. 


Post dinner, we headed over to our local theater to see Insurgent!  

 I wont spoil it for anyone, but these are my two thoughts on the movie:

- I liked it, but I wasn’t very happy with some of the things they changed from the book. Call me a purist, but I didn’t really feel like some of the changes were necessary.

- All I could think the whole movie was “Whose decision was it for Shailene Woodley to basically go the entire movie without wearing a bra?” I mean, I realize the girl is small chested, but seriously. If you’re going to be fighting and flinging yourself off buildings, the least you can do is have some support. Sheesh.


Sunday was pretty much the epitome of a lazy day. I slept in, lazed around in my PJs all morning watching nonsense TV, took a nap… it was pretty glorious!

Around 2:30pm I decided I should probably actually do something productive, and managed to get in a workout (20 minute walk + full body strength circuit), go grocery shopping and even do some meal prep!


Seasoned black beans, steel cut oats and lunch salads.

It doesn’t look like much, but considering that I’ve been absolutely HORRIBLE about meal prepping for the last few months, I’m going to consider this a successful start to getting back into the swing of things. It just makes life so much easier during our super busy week – I’m not sure why I don’t do it more often! Hopefully that can change.

The rest of Sunday was our usual: Church and dinner with my in-laws. We also broke the news of our school decision with them, which I’m hoping to be able to share with you all soon once we tell the rest of our family!


Weekly Workout Summary

Monday: 30 minute hilly walk at work

Tuesday: 30 minute hilly walk at work

Wednesday: 30 minute hilly walk at work

Thursday: 30 minute hilly walk at work + 20 minute barre workout

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 20 minute walk (3.0 incline, 3.5 speed) + 30 minute full body weight circuit


Now that the weather is finally getting spring-like, I’ve been loving being able to get out on my lunch break for a walk. There are a TON of hills around my office, so it definitely gets my legs burning! It’s been especially nice because we’ve been SO busy lately with birthing classes, getting the house ready to be put on the market, book club, rehearsals, etc that we literally have something almost every single night of the week. So now I can finally actually get some movement in during the day!

Well I suppose I should probably go face this Monday head on… bring it!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Anyone else seen Insurgent yet? What are your thoughts?


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Happy Friday!!

There were predicting snow here this morning (ummm, no. It’s the end of March, thank you very much), but thankfully we just got rain instead. I never thought I’d actually say I was “thankful” that it was pouring rain outside, but honestly I am just so over snow I will happily take rain these days!

This has been such a crazy week that I’m kind of happy it’s over. Both Chris and I have had something every single evening this week, which has meant a lot of late nights, throw-together dinners, and a complete lack of gym workouts. Too much for this 30 week preggo (Eek, I’m 30 weeks today!!!!) .

So this weekend I’m looking forward to sleeping in, clearing out some of my DVR, and maybe even braving the rain to get to the gym a few times.

FFFoldIt’s been a little while since I shared some of my random favorites, so I thought I’d pop in today with just a few things I’m loving this week.

Linking up with Clare for Five on Friday and Katie for Friday Favorites!

Favorite Things to Look Forward To This Weekend: Date Night & Seeing Baby Freckle


Last time we got to see him was at my 20 week ultrasound, so it’s been more than 2 months! This time we’re doing what they often call a “social scan”, meaning that it’s not for medical purposes, but just to see the baby. Kind of weird, I know, but we really wanted to be able to see his face before he was born! Assuming everything continues to go well, it’ll be our last chance before the little guy is born.

Plus I’m hoping that maybe seeing him again will help solidify a name, since we still haven’t picked on!


Favorite Random Pregnancy Craving: Veggies and Ranch

For some reason all week I’ve been having a veggies and ranch dressing craving. Which I guess, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t a bad craving to have. It’s just so out of the blue! But I’ve pretty much been eating veggies and ranch at least 1-2 times a day all week, so I’m just going to keep riding this train as long as I can. Fresh veggies for the win!

Favorite Package: Spark Flavors!


Chris mentioned a few weeks ago that he would be willing to do another Advocare 24 Day Challenge with me after Baby Freckle is born to jumpstart some better eating habits. You’d better believe I was all over that! I’d been planning to do a modified challenge (so that it’s breastfeeding friendly), so it’ll be even better having someone join me!

Since he didn’t participate the first time I did it, I decided to order a variety pack of Spark flavors for him to try out so we know what to order once that time comes. I also picked up some rehydrate samples from the lovely Becky because my old favorite rehydration drink went out of business (boo!). I’ll let you know what I think!

Favorite Upcoming Project: Our Housing is going on the market!

20150217_161349That’s right, we’re moving! Of course, we don’t quite know WHERE yet, but that’s besides the point. In preparation for all of these major changes, we’ve been working hard to get everything prepped and ready to go to get our house up on the market to sell. Including spending HOURS this past week/weekend decluttering, reorganizing and deep cleaning. It’s been a bit exhausting!

But hopefully it’ll all be worth it once our house goes up on the market this week! We had a bunch of professional pictures taken to make it look all pretty, so I’m hoping it’ll all work out. But not too quickly – we can’t move too soon after Baby Freckle is here!

 Favorite Life Changing News: We’ve chosen a school!

Why Graduate School

As you probably well know at this point, I’m applying to go back to get my PhD this fall (I explained more why and how I’m going to make it work here). Well after this LONG process, I think we’re finally coming to an end!

After my crazy week of interviews I got all my offers in (I ended up with 5, which is absolutely amazing!) and laid them all out on the table to come up with pros and cons. It’s been a very, VERY difficult decision, but I think we’ve finally come to what feels like the best fit for us. I’m not sharing it just yet since we’re trying to sit on it for a few days and make sure it feels right, but I will be sure to share soon!


I hope you all have a great weekend! I am looking forward to actually getting some relaxing in – after this crazy week I definitely need it!

So tell me: Any major changes happening in your life? Any exciting weekend plans?

Project No Buy

Sorry to completely disappear yesterday. That was not planned!

Life has just been a LITTLE crazy for us these last few days as we’re preparing to get our house on the market this weekend (Eeeeek!!!) We had photographers come in yesterday to take pictures, so for the last several days we’ve been pulling super late nighters to get everything prepped and staged and ready to go. So even though I had planned for a WIAW post yesterday, Tuesday night I opted for sleep instead since it was already well past 11pm. 


Baby Freckle needed his beauty rest, people. And so did this exhausted preggo lady!

Hopefully you all can forgive me!

Project No Buy

So I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a hoarder. Ok, more than a bit. But instead of using the word “hoarder”, I prefer to think that I’m just the kind of person who doesn’t like wasting stuff.

Yea, that’s what we’re going with.

So hoarder or non-waster, the truth is that I have a bad habit of collecting things and not actually finishing them up. Especially things that don’t go bad very quickly, like makeup. I’ll buy a new product that I saw on a blog/Instagram/Target display (darn you Target clearance stickers!), use it religiously for a few weeks, and then move on to something new. It’s a terrible habit.


Recently I’ve been seeing on some beauty/fashion blogs this concept of a “no buy”. While this seems to mean slightly different things to different people, the general gist of it is two-fold:

1) For a designated amount of time, you are not allowed to buy any new products unless they are replacing something that you’ve run out of. (i.e. if you finish all your shampoo, you ARE allowed to buy more. You just aren’t allowed to buy a new shampoo when you already have one half empty).

2) You select a certain number of products that you want to use up by a designated date, that way you can really focus on actually working your way through them.

I really like this whole “No Buy” concept, because I think it can be a really great way to work your way through products that have been sitting on your shelf figuratively (or literally) collecting dust and can save you a little $$$ in the process. Who doesn’t love that?

Even better, you can really apply this to many different areas of your life. Obviously makeup or beauty products can be a great one if you’re like me and seem to have an entire collection of bubble baths, eye shadows, and lip sticks hogging up your bathroom counter. But this could also apply to a lot of “healthy living” items as well that have been taking up space in your pantry, like teas, spices, sauces, or dry/canned goods.

So I am challenging myself, and you all, to a no buy!

For me, these are the parameters I’m setting:

- This no buy will go from today (March 19) through when the baby is born (so late May-ish), about 2.5 months.

- I’m putting a no buy on beauty items, teas, and random pantry splurges!

- Here are the items I’m also going to attempt to use up during this 3 month period:

Tea:  I have a serious tea problem. And by that I mean I have WAY too many boxes that don’t really get used up. So I’m making it my goal to really try and work through my giant stash before baby gets here. Even better – warm tea at night might help me sleep (I’m willing to try anything at this point!!)

Lip Products: I went through this phase where I was REALLY into lip products. And then recently I’ve kind of fallen out of that habit, so they are just sitting there, unused and taking up space. So my goal is to work my way through some of them and/or purge the ones that I’m just not going to use!

Hair Masks: Thanks to sample boxes and freebies, I have several hair masks that are sitting in my shower or under my sink that I have yet to use. Since I’m getting to the end of my pregnancy anyway, I figured this might be a great time to pamper myself a bit AND use up products in the process!

Pantry Side Dishes: This sounds random, but our pantry is seriously FULL of all kinds of random things that we picked up on a whim from the grocery store and just have never used. Since we’ll be moving in a few months anyway and we’ll need to clear out our closets, I might as well try and use up some of these boxes of whole wheat couscous and Bourbon BBQ sauce. One less thing to pack!


So we’ll see how this goes for the next few months, but I’m really hoping to not only clear out some of my stashes of products/teas/pantry items, but also to help break this habit of spending extra $$$ on things I don’t need. With a baby on the way and going back to grad school, I might as well start being a little more money conscious now!

I’d love to hear from you all on what kinds of things you tend to hoard! Anyone else a makeup collector? Anyone want to join me on this No Buy?

I’ll certainly keep you all updated on how things are going as May gets closer!

So tell me: What products or items do you tend to hoard? Have you ever set a goal of a No Buy or to use products up by a certain time?

Going Green: St. Patrick’s Day Appetizers

 Make sure to check out my 29 Week Bumpdate and read all about my thoughts on the Great Breastfeeding Debate

Well top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

Yup, that’s my attempt at being Irish. That’s as good as it gets from this Scottish girl, despite the fact that everyone always assumes that red hair + freckles + green eyes means that I’m Irish! Sorry to disappoint! 1929117_522296656213_2715_nAlthough I did marry into a family that is very proudly Irish, so I guess that makes me an honorary greenie for the day. Or at least makes Baby Freckle 1/2 leprechaun!

Actually, today usually got a different celebration in my household growing up, because today is my mom’s birthday! So happy birthday to Grandma Freckle, and may your day not be overshadowed by “Erin Go Braugh’s” and “Slainte’s” all day long. :D

ANYWAY, back to the real point to today’s post! Everyone knows that the real way to celebrate any holiday is with food. Because, well, food. yum. :)  

I am actually hosting Book Club tonight with some of my girl friends, and I thought it would be fun to do a somewhat green themed evening. So of course I started scouring Pinterest, because what else is a girl to do when party planning! As I started pinning more and more green ideas, I thought it might be fun to share some with you all, in case anyone else is throwing a green themed event sometime soon.

And if not, any of these treats would be tasty for any party or event!

Green Appetizers

Green Goddess Avocado Dip

via Feed me Phoebe

Green Goddess Avocado Dip Recipe with Crudites | Healthy, Dairy-Free

 I am always looking for fun ways to spruce up plain veggies other than your boring ole Ranch dressing. What a fun, green take on a dip that includes tons of yummy herbs! Plus, avocados – heck yes!

Spinach, Tomato and Artichoke Dip

via Hot Eats Cool Reads

 Anything with artichoke has my heart, but this fun spin on plain old spinach and artichoke dip not only adds a fun green dish on your table, but incorporates even more yummy veggies. Because who doesnt like dip at a party?

Cheesecake Factory Avocado Egg Rolls

via Damn Delicious

Cheesecake Factory Avocado Egg Rolls - It's so much cheaper to make right at home and it tastes a million times better too!

 Again with the avocado! It doesn’t get much greener than that! I’ve actually never had these at Cheesecake Factory before, but just after seeing this recipe I might have to try them next time!

Southwestern Cheeseball

via Taste and Tell

Southwestern Cheeseball |

 Mmmmmm, cheese. You all know I love anything “southwestern”, so even though the flavor profile doesnt exactly go with our Irish themed day, the colors sure do! Orange and green!

Bacon Spinach Blossoms

via Kenarry

Great for Christmas cocktail parties - Bacon Spinach Blossoms with roasted red peppers and Italian cheeses are a festive holiday appetizer.

First of all, bacon obviously makes any party dish a winner. But the spinach really takes this from a boring pinwheel to a healthier, veggie-filled twist on a classic. And ok, so maybe it looks a little more Christmas than Irish… no one is looking that closely, right?

I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to make for tonight’s event, but I have a feeling at least one or two of these might have to make the list. They just all look too yummy to pass up!

So tell me: Any other green appetizers that you love? Do you ever host themed events? If so, do you try and theme your food by color or by taste?

Caps, Clothes and Cleaning

Well it’s official guys… the pregnancy insomnia has started!

Screenshot_2015-03-16-09-05-01 (1)

Last night was the first night that I’ve ended up on the couch, because I spent so much time tossing and turning that I felt bad waking Chris up constantly. I think it was a mix of a stomach ache (apparently my eyes were bigger than my current squished pregnancy stomach at dinner) and too much stuff on my mind, but I could not for the life of me fall asleep!

So to the couch I went so I could sleep (or should I say “sleep”) propped up for awhile. Eventually I ended up returning to bed around 3:45am in the hopes that I’d actually be able to sleep on my side again. And then my 5:30am alarm went off.

And I turned it off and attempted to get 3 more hours of sleep. Because otherwise I was NOT going to make it through the day.

So yea… yay Monday! Now pass me the half-caf coffee!

Anyway, despite my terrible night of sleep, this weekend was amazingly productive. Like, I seriously don’t think we could have crammed in any more productivity if we TRIED. Which is kind of a nice feeling, I must admit. Chris and I were jamming with the teamwork/multi-tasking thing all weekend.

Let’s recap, shall we?


Friday night Chris and some friends of ours (including the lovely Lindsay) picked me up at work to head to DC for our first Caps game of the year!


Sadly the Caps played one of their worst games all season (booooo), but it was still a fun experience with some great friends! We’ll be so sad to leave them in a few months!


By the time we got home and ran Laney around a little bit to wear her out, we pretty much fell into bed and were asleep in minutes.


Saturday we had goals of being SUPER productive, so I was up early to head to a giant consignment sale while Chris got to work replacing some ceiling fans in our house.

And when I say giant consignment sale, I mean GIANT! This sucker took up our entire field house and included FIELDS of clothes, baby items, shoes, toys, etc. It was kind of insane and overwhelming at first, but after I did a once around (and got over the initial shock), it was awesome!

Lindsay joined me too for “moral support” and ended up getting a bunch of stuff for her soon-to-be niece!


I may have gone a touch crazy… but everything was so cheap and most was in great shape! I ended up getting 61 clothing pieces for about $75 and a second car seat + base.


We actually also have a soon-to-be niece coming in May as well through adoption, so I also picked up a bunch of stuff for her too. I couldn’t resist the butt ruffles on all the girl clothes!

Once I got home from the consignment sale, I worked on a bunch of home projects, including getting stuff on on Craigslist for sale, decluttering, making a Costco and Home Depot run with Chris, and doing more deep cleaning.

By the time 8pm rolled around, we were hungry and pooped. So I opted for total comfort food: Pulled pork, Annie’s Organic mac and cheese and asparagus. Paired with The Mighty Ducks on TV, because we’re apparently 10 years old.



Sadly I have zero pictures from Sunday, but it was equally as productive. Once again we were up early to get some cleaning done. I haven’t really mentioned this yet, but we’re hoping to have our house up on the market by next week, so we have been frantically decluttering and deep cleaning so the realtor can come take pictures of our house and get things going.

You wouldn’t believe how much of our old college crap we threw out. It’s amazing what lighting a fire under your butt will do to get you to actually go through your old stuff!!

We took short breaks for lunch, grocery shopping and another stop at the consignment sale (last day, so everything was 50% off and we picked up a ton more clothes for less than $50!), but otherwise literally spent the entire day cleaning!

We finally broke at 4pm to head to a meeting with our realtor, sell some stuff on Craigslist, and head to church.

Phew! Talk about productive!

Workout Summary

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: BodyPump

Thursday: 15 minute walk during lunch + 20 minute walk with Laney

Friday: Walking around DC before the game (9000+ steps)

Saturday: Cleaning/lifting

Sunday: Cleaning/lifting


Not the greatest week in terms of workouts, but honestly this week was so jam packed, I was just happy to get SOMETHING in. It felt like we had something going on every single night of the week, so my usual workouts just have to take a back seat. I’m doing what I can to fit in movement though!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Any spring cleaning happening?

Spicy Chicken Sausage Pasta

 Guys, I feel so out of the loop. My office has had no internet since last Friday, which means that I’ve done pretty much no blog reading, limited emailing, and no tweeting in about a week.


Yes, I know. #firstworldproblems. But seriously… no internet for a week as rough. Especially considering that we still had to come into the office and sit here for 8 hours a day. Let me tell you, 8 hours of doing nothing is exhausting! I literally was ready for a nap by the end of the day.

Thankfully it looks like things will be up and running today, and I can finally actually catch up with what is going on in everyone’s lives!Priorities, obviously.

 I’ve got some more good news for you: I have a recipe to share today! I KNOW! I recipe? Who am I?

Honestly, my cooking mojo has taken a little bit of a hiatus recently. I think between all my traveling, being super busy during the week and just pregnancy in general, I have not been in the mood to cook anything exciting. I’m embarrassed to admit how many meals out or pizzas we’ve eaten in the past month. Like, I’m actually sick of pizza, if that tells you anything.

Thirty Minute ThursdaySo in honor of the fact that it’s Thursday, it’s actually sunny outside, and I will (hopefully) have internet back today, I’m celebrating with a Thirty Minute Thursday recipe for you: Spicy Chicken Sausage Pasta!

This one started out with some Pinspiration (Pinterest inspiration, obviously), before it kind of morphed into it’s own dish. It’s full of yummy veggies, hearty chicken sausage, and is super filling! Plus, it’s got about 1/4 cup of red wine, which is the closest thing this preggo lady gets these days!

Spicy Chicken Sausage Pasta via @MyFreckledLife

Spicy Chicken Sausage Pasta
Serves 4
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 3 chicken sausage links, sliced into 1/2 inch pieces
  2. 1 bell pepper, sliced
  3. 1/2 onion, sliced
  4. 1 cloves garlic, minced
  5. 1/4 cup red wine
  6. 1 can diced tomatoes
  7. 1/2 tsp basil
  8. 1/2 tsp oregano
  9. red pepper flakes, to taste
  10. 1/4 cup ricotta cheese
  11. 2 cups fresh spinach
  12. olive oil
  13. salt and pepper, to taste
  14. 1 box whole wheat pasta
  1. Cook pasta according to directions on package.
  2. Heat olive oil over medium heat. When hot, add in garlic and cook for 30 seconds until fragrant.
  3. Add in peppers and onions. Cook for 3-4 minutes until mostly tender. Add in chicken sausage and cook for another 3-4 minutes until heated through.
  4. Add in red wine, diced tomatoes (including juice), and spices. Salt and pepper to taste. Reduce heat to simmer and let cook down, approximately 10 minutes, until sauce has thickened. Add in ricotta and spinach and cook until spinach is wilted.
  5. Serve and enjoy!
My Freckled Life

Spicy Chicken Sausage Pasta via @MyFreckledLifeSpicy Chicken Sausage Pasta via @MyFreckledLifeSpicy Chicken Sausage Pasta via @MyFreckledLife

You could easily sub in any other veggies (mushrooms would be good, for example) or use pork sausage instead if that is more your style. It was quick to throw together, is full of veggies, and makes a great easy weeknight meal for those days when you’re just too busy to think about dinner!


So tell me: What have been some of your go-to quick recipes lately?

Sweet Alternatives

For a long time I’ve had a tradition of giving up sweets for Lent. Yes, I know it’s cliche. But hey, it serves the purpose: it’s tempting, it’s something that I want, and it’s difficult.

So sweets it is!

Now I’m not going to lie, this year has been a little bit more difficult. I’ve learned very quickly that my willpower is a lot lower when I’m pregnant. Sometimes the pregnant lady just wants a Frosty at 9pm and cannot get it out of her head (…not that this actually happened… on Monday).

I will admit that I’m giving myself a little more leeway than usual this year. I’m normally more of a “all in” kinda gal when it comes to willpower – I get really committed. But this year I am just trying to do my best and at least reduce my sweets intake. It’s something, at least!

Just because I give up sweet doesnt mean my sweet tooth goes away though. Usually the opposite in fact. The brain wants what it can’t have! So I have found some solid, healthy, non-sugar-laced treats that help satisfy my cravings when I just need a little something sweet after dinner.

Whether you’ve given up sweets, gone low sugar or are just trying to make more health-conscious decisions, these are some great alternatives to that ice cream taunting you from the freezer!

Warm Berries

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Three Berries, 4 lbs


Warm berries have been my go-to sweet alternative lately. I just take a small bowl of frozen berries, heat it up for 45 seconds, and I have a quick and easy sweet treat. If you close your eyes it ALMOST tastes like cobbler!

I particularly love this blend from Costco, because it contains all of my favorites: blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. It’s got that sweet and tart thing going on! But you could honestly use any berries you like, and get a great boost of antioxidants in the process!

Baked Apples


Baked apples are another healthy copy cat of a classic dessert: apple pie. So simple and delicious, you literally just need to dice up an apple, sprinkle with cinnamon, and warm them up in the microwave or oven. Apples contain a ton of fiber, but are going to be way healthier than the American classic.


Frozen Banana “Ice Cream”

One Ingredient Ice Cream


Ok, but what about you ice cream lovers? Sometimes warm berries or apples just wont do it. Enter the Pinterest phenomenon: banana ice cream!

It literally is so easy it’s almost laughable. Take a frozen banana. Blend it up. Eat it. Seriously. It is like a delicious soft serve consistency! Plus you can totally doctor it up to your tastes. Add in a little cocoa powder for chocolate, or PB for a fun twist.

Or you could even try this strawberry banana version that literally has me drooling this morning.

I know that nothing will ever completely replace a giant bowl of cookie dough ice cream. But we all know that as delicious as it is, we dont always NEED it. So when your next sweet craving hits, why not try out a healthier alternative. Not only will it hit that sweet tooth, but you’ll feel a lot better in the long run.

But a bowl of cookie dough ice cream is totally allowed sometimes too.

So tell me: what are some of your favorite sweet alternatives?